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Situated on the banks of the Danube River, Budapest is an ancient city that enjoys a rich history and distinct culture found seldom elsewhere. The three main districts of the city are Buda, situated on the west side of the river, Pest the modern district to the east of the Danube and Castle Hill, the historic district where many of the main attractions of the city are situated.

One favorite activity among travelers is the bike tours offered by Buda Bike. Here you rent a bike and go on a tour of the city learning the geography, city layout and seeing the location of many of the important monuments and attractions. This is an excellent way to get familiar with the city and is an ideal activity for your first day in Budapest.


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For wine lovers the Royal Wine House and Wine Cellar Museum is a wonderful place to visit. Located very close to Buda Castle, this museum is a very interesting place to tour and learn more about the great wines produced in the region. The included wine tasting will give you a taste of Hungarian wines and great local cuisine is also available here. This is a great place to stop in and relax before hitting the Castle Hill district for some more sightseeing.

For travelers looking for a relaxing day out on the town, the Szechenyi Baths are a very popular attraction. This is one of the largest Spas in Europe and there are over 18 pools in all and makes for a fun filled day out on the town. Lap around in the pools with your group and don't forget your towels as they are not supplied here unless you pay a rental fee. The baths are open all year and the cost of entry is quite affordable.

For a more meaningful and emotional experience, the Shoes on the Danube Memorial is a very moving memorial that reminds us of an ugly time in the city's past.. The large sculptures of shoes abutting the river serve as a memorial to the Jewish citizens who were once shot and thrown into the Danube. To stand in their place and experience the horror they must have endured gives you a new perspective and as the serene waters of the Danube lap against the bank, you pay tribute to the people who lost their lives here.

For music lovers, the Sziget Festival which takes place on Obudai Island every year in August is one of the largest music festivals in Eastern Europe. This festival is a massive blending of culture, and musical stylings and also brings some amazing gastronomic offerings as well. This festival brings in massive numbers of tourists from all over the world each year and is a truly memorable way to come and see Budapest, just remember to buy your tickets in advance.

The Szemlohegyi Cave tour is one of the most prized activities to enjoy in all of Budapest. This tour is something entirely different then offered in most tourist destinations and the exploration of this cave system makes for a truly wonderful group activity. With the purchase of a joint ticket you can also gain access to the Pal-volgyi-Matyas-hegi cave system which offers more extreme exploration and this tour will be a breathtaking experience for you and your group. These tours are only available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so do plan ahead to ensure you get a spot on the tour. The English guided tours are done by professionals who are well experienced in performing these cave tours making the experience both fun and safe at the same time.


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