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Have a look at these Budapest restaurants when you visit Budapest.

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Csarnok Vendéglo, Hungarian
Facing the charming old-fashion csarnok (market hall), this place welcomes you with an authentic Hungarian atmosphere, from the decorations to the typical menu heavy on meat dishes. Great food for real bargain prices. V. Hold u. 11, 1/269-4906

Ruszwurm Cukrászda, Café
A real attraction for the travelers, this is an utterly cozy place, thronged with lovely antiques, and run by a family of Chefs specialized in marzipan and pastry. Indulge your senses with the sensational kremes the signature dessert of the house - a delicious crisp pastry with savory vanilla cream filling. Szentháromság u. 7, 1/375-5284

Govinda Vegetariánus Étterem, Indian
A serene smoke-free environment, traditional Indian murals and savory vegetarian food – a successful recipe based on self-service system. You might be tempted by the Indian ragout with brown rice, or by the inviting (but not very generous) salad-bar. V. Vigyázó Ferenc u. 4 1/269-1625

Ezüstponty, Hungarian
A real trade-mark of Budapest , you definitely shouldn't miss this authentic Hungarian culinary experience. The rustic environment, live traditional music and the sensational Szeged-style carp soup served in stew pot, with hot peppers, fresh butter and toast, will definitely make an unforgettable memory about the real Budapest. XII. Némethvölgy út 96, 1/319-1632


Pomo D'Oro, Italian
Having the tasty and generous tomato as the “coat of arms”, this charming restaurant, with stoned-walls, invites for a flavor itinerary in Italy – fresh garlic spiced bruschetta, seafood specialties, and the legendary Priest Strangler fish. V. Arany János u. 9, 1/302-6473

Firkász, Hungarian
A magic place with an authentic feeling of the bygone years erupting from every wall, decorated with old pictures and antiques. A generous Hungarian wine list welcomes you from the beginning, inviting for a true foray inside the Hungarian culinary tradition. XIII. Tátra u. 18. 1/450-1118

Baraka, Fusion
One of the most sophisticated places to dine in Budapest , popular with the expats, Baraka delights with unexpected flavors of exotic ingredients, creatively paired. The real sensation of the house is the bread baked by Chef himself. Don't forget to ask for superb signature dessert – chocolate volcano. V. Magyar u. 12-14, 1/483-1355



Arany Kaviar, Russian
The Czars tales from the Belle Epoque will come again to life in this sumptuous and luxurious sanctuary. Rare caviars such as the Astrakhan Beluga, the original recipe of the sensational Count Stroganoff beef and endless cold fine vodka revive the Russian spirit at its very best! I. Ostrom u. 19 1/201-6737

Alabardos, Hungarian
Elegant and conservative, in a medieval building breathing history through every wall, this restaurant sure knows how to keep a Hungarian high-class atmosphere. Zsolnay and Herend porcelains, leather chairs, and elegant traditional menu. The tarragon lamb chops are the signature of the house. I. Országház u. 2 1/356-0851

Gundel, Hungarian
If you talk glamour, trendy and chic, it's definitely Gundel you're thinking about. The son of Estee Lauder and the owner of New York 's Café des Artistes re-created the former splendor of this restaurant, founded in 1894 and renowned internationally. The menu offers choices of gourmet feasts, while connoisseur wine tasting presents the famous Tokaj and Eger products. XIV. Állatkerti út 2 1/468-4040

Belcato etterem
This elegant restaurant, situated just across the way from the Opera House, serves superb dishes. Every night, at 8 p.m., the waiters delight your soul singing classical music wonderfully.

If you are a gourmand don't miss Gambrinus. This restaurant, situated in the heart of Budapest , has wan many awards for its excellent cuisine. At dinner time, you can enjoy the marvellous performance of a small Gipsy orchestra. Vaci utca 20 (361) 485-3199

Voros Postakocsi Restaurant
This restaurant serves excellent Hungarian cuisine and wine. It is situated in Budapest downtown, every night a Gypsy band plays folk music for your entertainment. 15 Raday St. +36 (1) 217-6756


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