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The Parliament Building in Budapest was inspired by the Palace of Westminster and designed by Hungarian architect ImreSteindl. The plan to build a home of the nation's government was put into place in 1882 and for the project to be completed by the millennium celebration which took place here in 1896. In all over 40 million bricks were laid in its construction and the masterpiece that resulted is now an idyllic symbol of the city. Built along the Danube in the city, the location was chosen as a tribute to the democracy of the country, in contrast to the Royal palace perched up in the hill nearby. This is without question one of the most important buildings in the city as well as one of the most beautiful.

The construction of this building was a massive undertaking and it is clear that no detail was spared in its construction. The total cost of the buildings construction came to around 38 million and there is no doubt that Steindl fulfilled his objective in building a landmark worthy of being the country's home. The massive building sits intimidatingly over the Danube River and is one of the main landmarks within the city. Visiting the building can be done Monday through Saturday from 8am-4pm and Sunday from 8am-2pm from October 1 st through April 30 th . For the remainder of the year the building can be visited Monday through Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 8am-2pm. Guided tours are also available in Hungarian, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, French, Russian and Italian. The tours are affordably priced but check the website before heading out to see what time your specific tour will start.

With 27 doors, 29 Staircases and 13 elevators, the mere scale of this building is hard to explain. The best option is simply to go and see this palace with your own eyes and don't forget to bring your camera for those one of a kind photo opportunities. While not as old or historically significant as other important sites throughout Budapest, there may be no better symbol of this country than this landmark. The library here is quite impressive as well housing over half a million books and documents. Along with St. Stephen's Basilica this is tied for the tallest building in all of Budapest as well, coming in at a height of 96 meters. In all there are 242 sculptures on the walls and the façade of the building is adorned with important figures including Kings, Dukes and famous military leaders from Hungary's past.

From its massive scale, to its ongoing restoration efforts that may seem never ending, it is clear that this building is one of the most prized possessions of the city. No trip to Budapest is complete without a visit to this gorgeous landmark and with its close proximity to many other great attractions, getting here is quite simple. Set aside a few hours for your visit as this is one of the attractions in Budapest where you will want to set aside some time for exploration.  


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