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The Hungarian Natural History Museum

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The Hungarian Natural History Museum located in Budapest, boasts the largest natural history in Hungary and was established in 1802. The museum took shape when CountFerencSzechenyi offered his large collection to Hungary and provided the basis for what became the Hungarian National Museum and its Szechenyi Library, named after the Count. The Natural history Museum has since broken away from the National Museum and Ludovika Academy, a historical structure in Budapest, has become the home of the museum. The gallery is open to the public every day except Tuesday from 10AM to 5 PM, providing ample opportunity for tourists visiting the city to come by and view this impressive and vast collection of natural history.

Inside the museum and within its many interesting exhibitions, you will find an amazing collection of flora and fauna. Exhibits such as the Insect Exhibit are supremely entertaining and this interactive exhibit explores the insect world which consists of over 1 million species. Another recent display was that of the minerals donated by Josef Arnoth, who donated over 5,000 samples of minerals and thus through has created an expansive and intriguing exhibition to explore. Of course these are just a few of the temporary exhibits which change quite often.

The museum is made up of 6 main departments that work independently and together to bring to life this unique establishment. The Department of Anthropology here studies the findings in the region of the human remains and studies their lives and how they were lived. The findings through excavations have produced an expansive collection with over 22,000 individuals and 265 mummies from the 18 th century. These remains are organized into eight different collections which are sorted by the time period and type of remains.

The Department of Botany at the Museum is separated into ten main collections as well as seven other smaller sub sections. One such smaller collection is the Tree Trunk collection which was founded in 1902 by NandorFilarzky. This collection boasts 1190 inventoried pieces of over 270 different species making it quite a large collection for this particular subject matter. The Herbarium Gymnospermarum here is another collection that is internationally recognized for its vast collection of Species and sub specific taxa and conifer cultures which together boast over 23,000 sheets. This collection is particularly well known as it has such a large amount of sheets from species all over the world.

The two other main departments here are the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology and the Department of Zoology. These main departments also boast huge collections in their own right and along with the MoleculerTaxonimic Department and Laboratory round out the current departments of the museum. With these vast collections of natural history it is easy to see why this is without question one of the top Museums in not only Hungary, but all of Eastern Europe. When in Budapest, one would be remiss to not stop in and see this amazing collection of our planets history and peer back in time to the flora and fauna that once existed in this region.


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