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The National Gallery is one of Hungary's most important public galleries dedicated to the development of the fine arts in Hungary. The gallery has been located in the former Royal palace of Buda since 1975 and coming to this location to see this collection at this unique venue is an amazing experience. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10-6 and free guided tours are also available on Thursday and Saturday. The Gallery is divided into 8 different collections sorted by time period and artistic style. 20 th Century art makes up two of these sections sorted into pre and post 1945 distinctions. Sculptures and paintings of the 19 th century make up two of the other collections featured here. These collections include some important works from throughout these two centuries that feature some of the best artists throughout the world who lived during this time.

The other main collections featured in the gallery are the Late Renaissance and Baroque Art, Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces, Panel paintings and Wooden Sculptures from the Gothic Period and medieval and Renaissance stone carvings. These 8 collections include quite a vast variety of art and you may well want to set aside a good amount of time for your exploration of this gallery. Within the Medieval and Renaissance Stone Carvings collection are some very interesting pieces including carvings of St. Emericand the Kings Head. These are considered to be some of the more popular works in this particular collection.

Within the Panel Paintings and Wooden Sculptures from the Gothic Period collection, one can find stunningly detailed wooden sculptures of Madonna, St. Dorothy and St. Gregory, as well as important religious paintings of The Nativity and the Crucifixion. This theme is also present in the Late Gothic Winged Altar Pieces collection as well where The Resurrection of Christ, The Coming of the Holy Spirit and The Miraculous Mass of St. Martin are all featured works.

In the Late Renaissance and Baroque Art collection there are some fascinating works of art by some well known artists from around the world. Featured here is the Self Portrait of Joseph Abel as well as works from Franz Anton Maulbertsch and Johann Lucas Kracker, two important Austrian artists of the time. Works from well known Hungarian artists include those from ÁdámManyoki andJakabBogdány, two of the best known Hungarian artists of the 18 th century.

In the sculptures and paintings from the 19 th century collection there are two full rooms dedicated to the works from artists Viktor Madarász, Mór Than, SándorLiezen-Mayer, BertalanSzékely, and GyulaBenczúr. These are some very important works nationally as many put on display important historical aspects of the Hungarian Nation during this time, making for a very intriguing exhibit. The two exhibits outlining 20 th century feature quite an expansive collection of great artwork from this period. The pre- 1945 exhibit hosts works from JózsefRippl-Rónai, TivadarCsontváryKosztka, FerencMedgyessy, RóbertBerény, GyulaDerkovits, while the post 1945 exhibit hosts works from many lesser known artists who put together pop art and Avant-garde style pieces. This exhibit holds a large collection of art and makes for a good hour of exploration on its own.



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