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Ady Memorial Museum
Exhibition honouring Ady Endre (1877-1919) the poet. Veres Pálné utca 4-6,

Bartók Béla Memorial Museum
Csalán út 29

Bible Museum
Ráday u. 28

Ethnographical Museum
A large ethnographical museum explaining about the different nationalities in Hungary , and other European nations. Kossuth tér 12.

Ferenc Liszt Museum
Ferenc Liszt, the composer lived here until he died in 1886. Võrõsmarty utca 35

Gizi Bajor Theatre Museum
Devoted to theatre and cinema and the home of Gizi Bajor. Stromfeld Aurél utca

Hungarian National Museum
The museum was designed by Mihály Pollack and presents Hungarian history. Múzeum körút 14-16

Historical Museum of Budapest
Devoted to the medieval cities of Buda and Pest. Budavári Palota E Épület

Hungarian National Bank, Banknote and Coin Exhibition
Szabadság tér 8

The Hungarian Natural History Museum
Houses a life size mammoth.

Kassák Memorial Museum
Museum about Lajos Kassák and contemporary artists. Fo tér 1

Kiscelli Castle Museum
Kiscelli utca 108


The Military Museum


The House of Terror Museum


The Museum of Transport


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