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The Museum of Transport in Budapest is an intriguing place to come spend a few hours when looking for an interesting historical attraction in the city. The history of road traffic, sailing, flight and space are all put on display here and models are put in place to describe the way in which humans have progressed our modes of transportation throughout history. The museum is open 10-4 on weekdays with the exception of Monday and 10-5 on the weekends between November 1 st and March 28 th . From March 29 th through October 31 st the hours change to 10-5 on the weekdays except on Monday and 10-6 on weekends.

The museums founding came from its initial place as a railway museum which was founded in 1896. Though the museum and much of its collection was destroyed by bombs during World War II, and after years of rebuilding efforts, the Museum of Transport officially opened on April 2 nd , 1966. The museum serves as not only a display of the past, but an active research center. With 100 years of motoring history and over 150 years of railway history, the museum has quite the collection that tells the story of transportation not only in Hungary, but throughout the world.

The museum is broken into different permanent exhibits including a Bicycle, Motorcycle, Urban transport, Teeth pushed vehicle show, Car, Boating, Railway and Hall of Fame exhibits. As you can see, the museum does a good job of delivering a well rounded collection of exhibits covering nearly any form of transport that you wish to explore. This expansive collection is very well presented and one can view all of these exhibits fairly quickly and easily while still getting a good feel for the museum. The location of the museum nearby other important attractions is also great as it is easy to see while spending a day out and about in Budapest.

National Exhibits of the museum include the Kossuth Museum Ship, Underground Railway museum, Railway Museum, Parade Car Museum and Kiskorosi Road Museum, all of which are located in other locations, but held under the Museum of Transport distinction.

Without question, this is a great place for travelers to come and get to know the history of transport in Hungary and also the many different modes of transportation and how they have progressed over the years to what we see in society today. While much of this museum can be seen within a few hours, one must keep in mind the massive changes that have come to our everyday lives because of the ease of transportation that we enjoy. Furthermore, this brief peek back in time reminds us how quickly the world is changing and helps us gain a perspective on where we have been and where we are going, not to mention, how we will get there. As a top rated attraction in Budapest, this is a great way to come and gain a wealth of knowledge within just a few hours and see firsthand this beautiful collection.


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