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The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is located nearby City Park and close to many other main attractions in the area. The Museum was completed in 1906, designed by architects Albert Shickedanz and Fulop Herzog and the building itself is quite beautiful to see. This is an attraction that can be seen thoroughly within a little over an hour and is a great place to come by and check out. Many travelers will choose to come and see this attraction along with the Palace of Arts, which is located nearby, before spending some downtime relaxing in the City Park.

There are six departments within the museum including the Egyptian, Old Sculpture Gallery, Old Painter Gallery, Graphics collection, Modern collection and Antique departments. The entrance of the museum is quite grand with large columns stretching upward to the ornately crowned roofline. And it is clear that you are entering quite an important building. With the second largest collection of Egyptian Art in Central Europe, the museum shows off the fact that it has art from not only this region, but from around the world on display here. There is also a wonderful collection of 13 th through 18 th century art here. In fact, this collection consists of over 3000 pieces of fine art from some very well known artists including Maso di Banco, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Gentile Bellini. Also features are the works from prominent Spanish Painters such as El Greco and Goya.

There are also some important sculptures here including those of masters KaolyPulszky, Leonardo da Vinci and IstvanFerenczy. These works date from the Middle Ages through the 17 th century. The Antiquities here are also impressive with some great works from Ancient Rome and Greece as well as pieces from Paul Arndt. Also on display periodically is the museums vast collection of over 10,000 drawings and 100,000 prints. This collection includes works from greats like da Vinci, Goya and Rembrandt.

Also included here is a smaller collection of works from the 18 th century onward. This collection boasts works from notable artists like Monet, Manet and Pissaro, however this collection is not nearly as important or vast as some of the other represented in this museum. This is still a collection worth viewing as there are some works from well known artists, however you may well want to spend the majority of your time exploring the other collections here with more notable works.

Whatever you are looking to see here, this museum is without question a top attraction in Budapest for art lovers. From great sculptures to some of the finest paintings of well known artists from around the world, there is much to see here so budget your time wisely and plan on setting aside an hour or two to fully explore everything there is to see here. If you get worn out, there is no need to fret as you still just steps away from the Szechenyi Baths and the City Park, which are two of the best places in all of Budapest to spend your downtime.


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