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Momento Park in Budapest is one of the main parks within the city. This is an open air museum of the Hungarian Communist period which took place from 1949 through 1989. Statues here include those of Lenin, Marx and Engals as well as other noteworthy Hungarian Communist leaders such as Sagvari, Szakasits and Bela Kun. Though a very important attraction to the history of this city, the park was only completed in 1991 and is a relatively new attraction in comparison to the many other top attractions in the city. The park is a very different kind of attraction as it represents the once worshipped figures of the Communist Regime which have now in a way been exiled to this unique park.

In 2006 a statue modeled after the Stalin monument in Budapest was added with broken bronze boots. Also included is a new exhibit called “Stalin's Boots” that explains in great detail the journey of communism in Hungary from the revolution in 1956 though the formation of this symbolic park decades later. Statues ranging from 1947 through 1989 can all be seen here. Some of the statues featured here include the Red Army Soldier Statue, the Liberation Monument and the Soviet- Hungarian Friendship Monument. This is an odd and eerie place in a way as it brings you back to the time of the soviet rule in this area, displaying the many idols that were created to represent the communist empire. The park is a way for Hungarians to look back on the past and the stark contrast to the liberated democracy that we see today in the country.

For Westerners this par provides a peak into this period of time from the other side of the world and sheds light on the symbols of the communist party which once enjoyed such a strong hold of this region. These removed communist statues are located in southern Buda and the park is quite easy to reach by public transportation. The park is open daily from 10am to dusk and visitors can tour the site for a small entrance fee. Guided tours are available for an additional charge at certain times of the day, so do check ahead on the park's website if you are interested in utilizing this option on your visit.Tours are available in a few different languages including an English visitor's guide named in Stalin's boots.

The Hungarian revolution of 1956 was an event that shaped this country and its independence from Soviet occupation. Nowhere else is this struggle more evident than here at Momento Park where the massive idyllic statues built to show the power of the communist party are put on full display, showing visitors the monuments that once represented this region. While the park is not as centrally located as other top sites within Budapest, it is quite easy to find and is an amazing attraction to come explore. Set aside a few hours to come and get a good feel for this attraction as there is much to see here.  


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