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The Military Museum is an interesting place to come and spend time learning about the Hungarian Military and its defense history. Exhibitions here include a Hand Weapons exhibit, 13 days of the 1956 revolution and a display documenting the many sieges of the hotly contested Buda Castle which has served as a symbol of this city for so long. The museum was established in 1918 and has been in its present day location since 1929 although over seventy percent of the collection was destroyed during World War II. With artifacts, weapons, uniforms flags and coins all on display, there is quite a variety of different objects here to capture the audience's interest.

The Museum has seasonal hours, opening Tuesday through Sunday from 10-4 from October 1 st through March 31 st and Tuesday through Sunday 10-6 throughout the rest of the year. The main permanent exhibits here are the Iron Curtain and Swords and Wreath exhibits. The Iron Curtain exhibit focuses on this important border war that separated the Austrian and Hungarian nations where mobile patrols and mine fields once prevented transversion. Today we can look back at this intense time in history and see how serious of a situation was taking place along this border and this exhibit does a great job of explaining this conflict.

The Swords and Wreath exhibits pushes much further back and puts on full display over 1,000 years of military artifacts showing visitors how this region was contested over the last millennia. This exhibit covers such a vast period of time and tells the progression of the military and its weapons of the many years while describing the many important battles in this region and how their outcomes have formed the Budapest that we see today. From the sieges of Buda Castle to the massive destruction that occurred in the city during World War II, the battles are put on full display for visitors.

Other exhibits held by the museum but located outside its grounds include the Keceli Military Park, Szolonok Military Park, Komarno Fort Monostor, Garrison Historical Collection, Mapping Museum and more. These sites all offer a little something different for those looking to get a more in depth look at the military in Hungary and its history and more information about how to explore these sites and others can be found on the museums website.

While many visitors may be familiar with World War II and possible know much of the historical events that transpired here, this museum does a great job of putting visitors deep inside the battles and showing how they were fought, won and lost. While we can imagine what this might have felt like, there is no place like this museum to truly grasp the battles in such a way that brings these violent times to life. Come here to explore and learn about this city that have been the subject of so many battles and you will soon see why the military museum here is such an important part of this country's history.


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