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Margaret Island is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in all of Budapest with its lush green surroundings and old ruins that create an unmatched setting along the Danube River. The island is named after Princess Magrit, the daughter of King Bela IV who was an important figure in the city's history. The open air theater here is quite popular for concerts and festivals during the summer months as there may be no better place to see a performance in the city with the exception of perhaps the State Opera House. This is one of the main recreational areas within central Budapest and there is an abundance of lush green areas to come and relax during the summer months. There are also Medieval Ruins here dating back to the Middle Ages and the island is border by Margaret Bridge to the south and Arpad Bridge to the north.

The island itself is actually made up of three separate islands that have been connected to create the site that we see today. The islands of Festo, Furdo and Nyuluk make up the island that we call Margaret Island today. The 13 th century ruins on the island are that of a Franciscan Church and a Dominican Convent as well as a Premonstratensian Church. While the island hosted nuns for much of its existence until they fled during Ottoman rule, it has existed as a public garden since 1908. There is now a rubber jogging track and access to the island is limited by car as public transport is the main way to get here. In 1973 a centennial memorial was erected to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the city's unification. What better place for a unification monument than right here on Margaret Island directly between the Buda and Pest.

Another important landmark on the island is the Music Well, a theater dedicated to hosting outdoor performances. The Music Fountain is another landmark that is very popular with visitors during the summer months. During these months music plays as the fountain show plays for all to see. Perhaps the most notable of landmarks on the island is the water tower, which was built in 1911 and along with the Music fountain these two landmarks are protected UNESCO sites. Also located on the island is a large outdoor swimming complex which is the biggest of its kind in Budapest. An athletic center and tennis stadium round out the main points of interest on the island and it is clear that there is much to do here on your day of exploration at Margaret Island. The island of the Danube near Budapest are a huge tourist draw for the city especially during the Sziget Music Festival which is held on a nearby island and is one of the largest music festivals in all of Europe. Set aside a half or even a full day to explore all the sites here as these islands make a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city.



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