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The House of Terror Museum

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The House of Terror Museum in Budapest brings to life the Fascist and Communist regimes of the 20 th century and how they dominated and controlled this region. The museum also serves as a memorial to the atrocities that occurred during this time including the torturing and killing of many citizens in the region. Since its opening in 2002, this has become a very popular and very moving museum that is quickly becoming one of the top museums in Budapest. The Nazi and Soviet regimes are covered in great length as well as the Arrow Cross Party and AVH organizations, all of which terrorized this region during the 20 th century.

Both permanent and temporary exhibits work together to tell the story of terror in Hungary and exhibits as well as the museums hours rotate seasonally, so do check ahead on the museums website before planning your time here. Through intense exhibits, interactive exhibits and cinematic productions, the museum takes visitors on a trip back in time, placing them in the shoes of the Hungarian people of the past who endured such difficult times during these regimes. From the torture to the murder, visitors learn of the terrible acts that took place here and view the memorial that is dedicated to those who suffered here.

This attraction is intense and this is not a mistake. In fact, this is a great way to come and gain a new perspective of the wars we all learned about growing up. Stepping into the shoes of those right here in Budapest provides a chilling view of what life was like during these dark days. Temporary exhibitions are also utilized here often and teach of the Holocaust, Famine in the Ukraine and the secret agents of Hungary among other topics. These exhibition give an in depth look at these smaller events which is a great way to gain expertise on these intriguing topics.

Guided tours in multiple languages are available so check ahead of time to set up your groups explorations here. Here you will learn of the interworking of the Nazi and Soviet regimes and the exploits that made them such a feared force in this region. We've seen their rise and fall, but this museum shows firsthand the horrendous acts which may go unnoted in many popular historical accounts. This is more of a niche museum that goes deep into the finer points, giving a more in depth look at this time in history in Hungary and the details of what transpired here on a very personal level.

Sure there are a ton of museums and historical attractions to see in Budapest, that is just something that happens when you have a city with such a storied past. This one however is a must see attraction for those who want to peek into the dark side of the country's history and remember the poor souls who lost their lives while paying tribute to this travesty. Come see this museum and you will surely gain a new perspective on the regimes that terrorized this nation.


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