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The Historical Museum of Budapest houses a variety of interesting exhibits both permanent and temporary. This collection is quite diverse and really gives a great living history of the city ranging from the excellent art that has come from this region to peek into the old printing house of the city. There are currently four main permanent attractions as well as rotating temporary exhibitions featured at the museums various sites. Offered by the museum are programs that give the public a better understanding of the rich past of the city and guided tours are available to those looking to get all the fun facts and figures.

The permanent exhibits include Budapest in the Modern Age, Gothic sculptures from the Royal Palace of Buda, and the history of Budapest from the prehistoric age and the medieval Royal Palace of the Buda castle. The museum has three main sites and three exhibition halls so do visit the museums website before heading out and check the current hours of opening as they do change seasonally. The three main sites of the museum are the Castle Museum, KiscellMuesum and Aquincum Museum. The main exhibition halls are the Medieval Jewish Chapel, Hercules Villa and Bath Museum.

One program that has gained notoriety as a top attraction is the In the Light of the Turkish Half Moon Program, which explains the history of when Christian Armies recaptured Buda Castle from the Ottoman Empire, a very significant historical even for this city that changes and shaped the culture into what it is today. For information on this even, visit the museum's website.

Many other programs and guided tours are also available and one of particular intrigue takes place in the Garden. Here there is an archery performance emulating the Ottoman period, which makes for a fun experience for museum visitors. Budapest in the Ottoman Period is one of the guided tours that is available and this tour does a great job of bringing the visitors back to this period in time when the city fell under the powerful Ottoman rule. The tour tells of this time which produced so many important historical events that affected the culture in the city and goes on to tell the story of the Ottoman Empire in rich detail up to its demise.

Of particular popularity are the movie screenings that take place in Gothic Hall. Here the testament of the Aga of Koppany, the Pupil Gabor and On the Other Side are the movies that take center stage, entertaining audiences with intriguing lessons on these important events and individuals. The Turkish sieges of Buda Castle are also presented via a guided slideshow in Gothic Hall.

Whichever fun facts or interesting stories you are eager to discover, this museum will blow you away as it not only displays the past, put puts the visitor in it, bringing the rich history of this city alive. From Art and Industry to history and Culture, there is so much to learn and discover here and this is without a doubt one of the top museums in all of Budapest.


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