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Business hours
Most shops open from 10 -6 from Monday to Friday and Saturday close at 14.00. Banks close at 15.00 except on Fridays when the close at 14.00.

Dial 104 for an ambulance; 105 for the fire brigade and 107 for the police.

Budapest is relatively safe. Professional pickpockets are very active!

The country code is 36 and the city code for Budapest is 1.

Tipping is in the range for 10 - 15% and is welcomed. There is no need to tip in a restaurant if the service fee has been included which in most cases it is.

Street Names
The varying names given to streets in Hungary can be confusing. Most commonly you will find utca, sometimes abbreviated as ‘u’ which signifies a normal street. One up the scale is ut which is normally a large street or avenue which will have several lanes and is usually straight unless it is a korut (ring road). Also be prepared to navigate the frequent ters (squares) or korters (circle or circus). Other varieties of road are koz (lane), fasor (alley), and rakpart (embankment).

There are no fixed rules about tipping in Hungary, but it is encouraged to round up the bill or leave ten percent in restaurants. When paying, it’s important to tell the waiter how much change you would like: If you say Koszonom (thank you) when you hand over a note they will assume that you are letting them keep the change. The same applies to Taxi’s. Other areas where you should consider a tip are at the hairdressers, at the baths and swimming pools (for the changing room attendant), and even at the doctors or dentists.

A 220 V current is used in Hungary which is perfectly compatible with British 240 V plugs. For US 110 V appliances, visitors will need to bring a current transformer. Sockets have two round pins, so an adaptor may be needed.

Budapest Useful Numbers
• Calling the UK from Hungary 0044 + area code minus zero + number.
• 36 is the International Country Code for calling Hungary.
• Emergency: 112
• Police: 107
• Ambulance: 104 or 311 1666
• Fire Brigade: 105 or 321 6216

Time Zone
Hungary is on Central European time, which means that it is broadly one hour ahead of GMT except for two brief periods at the beginning and end of Summer.

Budapest shopping

Budapest Shopping Malls
Most shopping centres are easily reached by public transport. All malls provide free parking for those who go by car.

West End City Centre
Address: Váci út 1-3., VI. district, M3 metro, trams 4-6 Nyugati tér station
Open: Mon-Sat 10.00-21.00, Sat 10.00-18.00
As the brochure on Budapest says, “Its striking architecture and around 400 shops make West End City Centre the most impressive and largest Budapest shopping malls.” Moreover, its central location next to Nyugati Train Station is an added advantage.

Árkád Shopping Centre
Árkád houses a number of fashion &designer shops, drugstores, bookshops and supermarkets.
Address: Örs vezér tér 25., X. district, M2 metro Örs vezér tér station
Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-21.00, Sat 10.00-19.00

Address: Nagyajtai út 4/a, II. district, Buda, trams 4-6, M2 metro Moszkva tér station
Open: Mon-Sat 10.00-21.00, Sun 10.00-18.00
Mammut offers both big brand and smaller shops. Saturn, underground level, is best for high-tech electronic equipment.

Budapest markets

Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall)
At the Pest end of Liberty Bridge is a great place to combine shopping with sightseeing, or strolling by even in cold and rainy weather. The three-storey hall gives you plenty to do and see and its size and grandeur makes it one of Budapest's top attractions. Visit the Great Market Hall on Monday morning, but if you want to see vibrant Budapest market life, the best time to visit is on Saturday morning, when people do their shopping for the weekend. Timings are Monday: 06.00-17.00, Tuesday-Friday: 06.00-18.00, Saturday: 06.00-15.00, Sunday: closed. Address: Fővám tér, Pest end of Liberty Bridge, trams 2, 47, 49; the nearest metro station is at Kálvin tér (M3 blue line).

Hold utca;
Address:Hold utca 13., V. district, M2 metro Kossuth tér, M3 metro Arany János utca; Open: Mon: 6.30-17.00, Tue-Fri 6.30, Sat 6.30-14.00

Hunyadi Tér Market
Address: Hunyadi tér, VI. district

Rákóczi tér Market
Address: Rákóczi tér 7-9, VII. district, trams 4-6 Rákóczi tér

Klauzál tér Market
In Budapest's old Jewish Quarter, where modern supermarkets have taken the place of the original market. Address: Klauzál tér, VII. District.


Embassy of Australia in Hungary
Address: 1126 Budapest, Királyhágó tér 8-9. Phone: +36 1 201 8899

Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Hungary
Address: 1051 Budapest, Harmincad u. 6. Phone: +36 1 266 2888

Embassy of the United States of America in Hungary
Address: 1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 12. Phone: +36 1 475 4400


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