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Budapest shows proudly the evidences of a glorious past in its castles, churches and palaces. You can breathe culture everywhere in the many theatres, operas and museums spread by the city. The majestic blue Danube crosses the city and 100 hectares of green are an oasis of tranquillity in heart of Budapest. Budapest also is a cosmopolitan city turned to the amusement and the entertainment.

Budapest cinemas

In opposition to the mainstream cinemas, Muvesz is one of a kind. It shows recent local and international movies as well as long gone films and art films. It is the main location for Budapest film festivals. Terez korut, 30 +36 1 332 6726

Corvin Budapest Filmpalota
Corvin Budapest Filmpalota is a charming old cinema situated near the Astoria subway station. Corvin koz, 1 Budapest, 1082 +36 1 459 5050

This cinema shows a large variety of international independent and art films. Their program changes everyday. Balassi Balint utca, 15-17 District V +36 1 269 0904

Budapest Theatres

Hungarian State Opera House
Dating from 1884, Hungarian State Opera House is one of the most important buildings in Hungary . Its architecture in neo- Renaissance style is very elegant and the interior is breathtaking. Hungarians love the opera and the tickets are not expensive, so they visit this Opera House very often. It's advisable to reserve your ticket a couple of weeks before the performance. Andrassy ut, 22, District VI. +36 (1) 353 0170

Budapest Nightlife

Bank Dance Hall
In this large disco you can dance at the rhythm of the hits of the moment, played by Hungary and foreign DJs that liven up the crowd.

Calgary Antik Drink Bar
This is a nice place to hangout with your friend. You can find people drinking, chatting and playing cards all night long. It is decorated with innumerable antiques. They sell varied drinks and serve some Hungarian dishes. Frankel Leo utca 24 District II. +36 1 315 9087

Club Seven
If you enjoy funk and house you should pay a visit to Club Seven. It's a very popular club that gets quite crowded at night. Akacfa utca, 7 District VII. +36 1 478 9030



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