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Corvinus University of Budapest is perhaps the most prestigious University in the country. The main building here is quite a sight to take in and is part of the Buda Castle UNESCO Site. The ornate façade here is quite beautiful, especially when illuminated at night. With the many political changes throughout the years since the University's establishment in 1920, it has changed names many times before taking its current name after King Matthias Corvinus.

Within the University itself there are seven different faculties including the faculties of business administration, economics, social sciences, public administration, horticultural science, food science and landscape architecture. The University has over 17,000 students and hosts classes in multiple languages which have brought in many international students from around the world.

Located on the Danube, the University's main building is quite a work of art, built by famous Hungarian Architect MiklosYbl. The building was completed originally as a Customs House for the city before becoming a University. During World War II, the building sustained damage but was renovated and restored to the beauty of old after the war. The main building is the center of the University today even though it has expanded into other locations around the city. Here the Business, Economics and Social Sciences are the main courses offered at this building.

The modern campus which was completed in 2007 features a large central library with seating for over 450 and features over 100,000 books and journals. The campus cost over 40 million Euro to complete however this is quite an impressive building in its own right. The main campus however is favored by fans of historic architecture and the attention to detail inside and out is quite remarkable. There is also a third building which serves as the Horticultural center of the university. Within the main building is a large bronze statue of Karl Marx, hinting at the communist rule that once had a hold over this region.

Upon entering the building through its archways you cannot help but be impressed by the rich elegance and perfection that you find within. When touring this area it is very easy to come by and take a quick glance at the building while on your way to other well known attractions nearby. Grand Market Hall is located very close by as well as many other attractions is this is very close to the city center.

This is one of the best works of architecture within the city and is a good place to come and take a glance at. You do not need to set a tour or plan on spending a large amount of time here as it is more of an attraction to come and see in passing. Many international students choose to come and take classes here and this is another great option that can be researched on the University's website. Come by here while on your sightseeing route and remember to bring your camera to capture some great photos of this beautiful riverside building.  


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