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Buda Castle is a dominating presence in the city of Budapest, peering down over the Danube from Castle Hill. The castle was first completed in 1295 and has been a monument in which many battles have been fought over since its construction. The castle is not the same structure that existed upon its original construction as the original structure was destroyed in 1686 when Christian invaders conquered the palace. The site of the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there have been many expansions and additions over the years to make the site what it currently is today.

Buda Castle is perched atop the south slope of Castle Hill and thus has been one of the locations of many of the cities bloodiest battles. As a symbol of the strength and prowess of the city, it became a target for invaders looking to enforce their will in conquering the city by taking over its most important stronghold. The first structure was built here from 1247 to 1265 by King Bela IV of Hungary and though the first castle was completely destroyed, the oldest remaining structure is the foundation of what was once known as Stephen's Tower. Stephen's Tower was blown to pieces during the siege of 1686 when it was being used as a store of gun powder by the Ottoman's and was hit by cannon fire causing an extremely explosion that killed over 1500 Turkish troops. To see the foundation of where this tower once stood and picture this monumental event is truly surreal.

Though the castle may look as if it has lasted for years after its reconstruction, the truth is that much of the modern day castle has only been in existence since the 1950's and early 60's when Laszlo Gero excavated the medieval remains and began a reconstruction effort aimed at restoring the castle to its former glory. Though inaccuracies abound from the castle in medieval times, it is a very beautiful building today and a landmark that represents the historical struggles of the citizens of this country where so many changes in leadership have occurred. The castle itself continues to change as modernization efforts continue to this day.

Today the castle and the surrounding area are a special place to the country and make for an excellent attraction to come and visit when in Budapest. You should remember to budget quite a bit of time as there is so much to see here and learn of. The Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum as well as the National Szechenyi Library are all located here making a day of exploration here a vital activity for those looking to learn more about this great city in the place that has been its focal point for centuries. Guided tours are available here in multiple languages and if coming here in the summer time, it is a good idea to get here early as it does get quite busy later in the day and getting here is quite easy as the castle is situated centrally in Budapest, right on the shores of the Danube.  


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