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Budapest attractions
Budapest tours

Budapest attractions

Budapest tours

One of the most historic capital cities in Europe, Budapest has many attractions for visitors. Walk along the River Danube with the Chain Bridge dominating the landscape against a backdrop of the Parliament Buildings. The Old Town of Buda and Buda Castle is one of the most historic places in the city and the Royal Palace with its three museums is symbolic in Hungary. The charming Fisherman’s Bastion has a fabulous viewpoint across the city, and the narrow cobbled streets and bullet holes still in walls of buildings ooze atmosphere and have a story to tell about Budapest.


When the Turks left Medieval Budapest they left a legacy of thermal baths and these are a real experience in the city. Try the Gellert or the Szecheyni Baths, some of which have separate ladies and men’s days. At the Aquincum Museum the remains of the Roman ruins can be seen. The Cultural Mile houses many of Budapest’s museums including the National Hungarian Museum and the KoGart House.

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Budapest museums

For a surreal experience visit the House of Terror, once used by the Hungarian Communists and secret police to torture dissidents. Budapest has one of the best Opera Houses in the world and a series of impressive concerts. Try coffee and cake at one of the sumptuous coffee houses, and visit the markets with strings of dried paprika. Walk around Heroes Square and see the Time Wheel, Hungary has a great atmosphere to enjoy. Nearby, the towns of Esztergom and Visegrad are worth a visit for their history and beautiful settings.


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5 best/main museums

The Historical Museum of Budapest
The Military Museum
The House of Terror Museum
The Hungarian Natural History Museum
The Museum of Transport

5 best/main galleries

The National Gallery
The Music Museum
The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art
The FerencHopp Museum of East Asian Art
The Museum of Fine Arts

3 best/main cathedrals/churches

Matthias Church
St. Stephens Basilica
The Great Synagogue

5 best/main historical buildings

The Parliament Building
Buda Castle
Corvinus University of Budapest
The State Opera House
Vajdahunyad Castle

3 best/main parks

Margaret Island
City Park
Momento Park


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