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St. Stephens Basilica

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St. Stephens Basilica is without question an important church in Budapest and is named after the first king of Hungary whose mummified fist is housed within the church. The church was completed in 1905 and sports two large symmetrical towers that stretch toward the heavens. It was built under the direction of MiklosYbl and completed by JozsefKauser. Along with the Hungarian Parliament Building, this is one of the tallest buildings in all of Budapest. The construction of the church took over 54 years and this was largely because the dome collapsed during construction in 1868, causing the project to be restarted from the ground up. There is a 9 ton bell here, the biggest bell in Hungary in the southern bell tower. Many well known musicians have played here and concerts are held here still today though you should check in advance to learn when performances may be taking place.

There are 6 bells held at the basilica including the Great St. Stephan bell, the Blessed Virgin Mary Bell, the St. Henry II Bell, the Blessed Gizella Bell, the Saint Emeric Bell, the Saint Erzsebet. There are elevators as well as stairs that lead to the top of the towers offering a stunning 360 degree view of the city of Budapest. The Cupola is a gorgeous dome that rises between the two bell towers and is particularly beautiful from the inside of the basilica.Throughout the building it is clear that attention to detail was not spared in the buildings construction and fortunately for tourists this gorgeous building is free to explore.

This is an excellent attraction to visit if for nothing else, to see the breathtaking views of Budapest in all directions. Keep in mind that this is a very holy place for residents here and an important religious site in the country's history. While not an actual basilica it was declared on by a visiting Pope and thus bears the name. Guided tours are available here in multiple languages for guests and there is much to see and learn here making it a great attraction to take a few hours to explore.

The fine marble floors and ornately decorated interior stand out upon entering the church and though only a little over a century old, this place feels as if you have been transported back much further in time and it is clear that the architect did an amazing job in building this unique landmark. There are also many good restaurants and other landmarks located nearby and planning some time here on a busy day of sightseeing is an easy proposition. Though this is technically a free attraction, the church will often times ask visitors to make a mandatory donation upon entering. The top things to see here would have to be both the 300ft dome which is worth the trip in and of itself, as well as the great views from the top of the building which peer over the city providing great photo opportunities.


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