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The FerencHopp Museum of East Asian Art

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The FerencHopp Museum of East Asian Art is one of the top places to come and view some fascinating works of art in Budapest. Here you will find a welcome change to the classical pieces featured in other galleries with an emphasis on art that comes from the Far East and other countries throughout Asia. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 6pm and there is a small fee for entrance though seniors and students do receive discounted rates. The museum was founded in 1919 and features a vast collection of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, sculptures, porcelain, textiles as well as other important Asian artifacts.

With so many great museums within the city of Budapest dedicated to more classical western art as well as local and contemporary art from the region, this Museum is a welcome change of pace for those looking to explore a full spectrum of the arts while in Budapest. As far as museums in the city go, this is one of the top rated art museums and the collection of Asian art is better than most expect to find when in Hungary.

The museum bears the name of FerencHopp was a successful businessman, a traveler and a collector of art. Art from all over Asia is featured here and in all the collection features over 20,000 objects. While the collection is quite large, the exhibits here are held in 6 rooms and it does not take too long to view the collection. The museum is located just a few blocks from City Park and the many attractions that surround it making it a very easy attraction to come visit within the course of a day of sightseeing. Coming here to view this unique collection will give visitors a perspective of the art that comes from Asia from around the same time period as much of the art featured in the other galleries located nearby.

The building itself is quite impressive and sets the stage for the tour through the museum. Tours are available in multiple languages, but do check ahead to ensure that a guide in your preferred language is present at the time that your wish to tour the museum. This is the best place to view Asian art in the entire region and should not be missed when in Budapest. The museum is held under the Museum of Applied Arts umbrella and its permanent exhibition is hosted by the GyorgyRath Museum.

Budapest is a city where the arts have been so important throughout its history. In a place like this with so many great galleries this is not by any means the top option among art galleries to come visit. However to get a full picture of art that took place both here and throughout the world, this is a great attraction to see. Set aside a day to explore the art scene and make sure that this intriguing museum is one of your main stops along the way.


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